Adventures in travel with Robert Watcher and Anne Watcher
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Stories, photographs and videos from Rob and Anne Watcher

Adventures in Travel...

...exploring the culture, the people, the vistas and the unknown

A portrait of us in San Jose, Costa Rica
Rob & Anne in San Jose, Costa Rica

Nicaragua, Costa Rica

We had always contemplated that when our children left home, we would "really travel". And not just around Canada or across the border, but to a far-away destination.

Finally at 51 years of age, we found ourselves realizing that possibility. We made the daring decision to give up our apartment, and head off into - what for us - was uncharted territory:

  • We had never flown commercially
  • We headed to a country we knew little about
  • We trusted our safety to contacts that we made online
  • We embedded ourselves into the foreign culture
  • We didn't know the language
  • We had to deal with all of the horror stories
  • We felt fear of the unknown and excitement of what we were about to discover

Is it Your Dream to Travel?

As a pro-photographer / journalist team, we have documented our experiences since the start. Find the inspiration and support needed, to fulfill your desire. Why not head right to the START of our journeys...

Eye on Nicaragua – an interview with Robert Watcher

A nice interview by Maggie Terlecki on her website Shutter Tactics - based on Rob's photography while travelling to places like Nicaragua and Costa Rica. In depth & and enlightening read:

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