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Beach Vendors

by Anne Watcher on Wednesday March 6th, 2013 at 10:01am

Each week we see these children selling their shell creations and coconut drinks to tourists along the beaches of Poneloya at Las Penitas. Even though they aren't allowed to come up into the restaurants or businesses along the strip - - - they do try hard to get your attention from the edges of the properties.

Once someone notices them, they cautiously approach and show the curious people what they have. In the case of the children selling coconuts, they pull out their knife and start chopping the top off and then slip in a straw.

From left to right : Antonio, Sayda, Sixto, and Franci

They actually have a very good way of selling and work hard at countering a persons rejections, by forcing a free necklace or shell creation on them. "It's for you" - "It's free, take it" - "I want to give it to you, no money". And then of course who is so cold-hearted to not purchase something from them right? (Us I guess, as we haven't purchased anything. But we refuse their free offerings as well, kindly telling them that we can't take it as it would be better for them to make some money from what they want to give us).

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