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Canada and Back Again

by Rob Watcher on Friday January 3rd, 2014 at 8:03am

A nice shot of Anne and I arriving at the Detroit Airport - sent to us by our friends Rick and Michelle Gowan.

My old bandmates from the early 1970's, their wives, myself and Anne, and Anne's sister Joan and her husband - got together for a nice weekend of music at Joan's Bed and Breakfast in Stratford Ontario.

I like this shot that Anne took of me on her iPad Mini

And here are the other two characters, Verne (left) and Rick (right).

Of course, we were so excited to be able to see our newest grandson, Jett - - - who was just six weeks old when we left for Nicaragua. What a shock to see a big sturdy block of beautiful smile. So nice that we had this time to play and connect with him.

We asked our neighbour kids Brandon and Valinca in Nicaragua, where to get hold of "Trompos" to take home to our six grandchildren. After telling us, their father and mother said that they would go to the market and purchase them for us. I had to take a photograph of the six with their toys, to take back to Brandon and Valinca to show.

We purchased hand-made Nicaraguan baseball gloves from William. These were to take back to our son's Robert and Ryan, our son-in-law Jordan and our grandsons, Mason and Jett.

Anne even found a small sized glove for Jett that he should be able to use in seven or eight years. William "branded" each glove with the name of the recipient. I will be taking a print of this image back to William that he can use to show others, his foreign customers using them.

DETROIT AIRPORT: A shot of ground crews getting our plane ready to leave in the cold and snow. We were one of the first to go through security in an empty airport - - - it was a breeze.

The flight down was uneventful and smooth. It is nice to be back in Nicaragua.

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