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Carpentry Workshop

by Anne Watcher on Thursday April 17th, 2014 at 10:26am

At home in Canada if we want new furniture we go shopping to a furniture store or buy online. While that is of course available here in Nicaragua, many just go to a local man who runs a carpentry shop at his home.

We had the opportunity to visit Roger Pineda and his crew at the workshop in his backyard. We were greeted by Roger, his wife Coco and son Melvin (who spoke English and helped with the language).

Roger and Coco on the front porch of their home and workshop.

The day we were there they were busy working on a new bed in the back workshop. Outside on the front porch was Luis, busy staining a new rocking chair.

Using different woods like roble, laurel, pino and pochote they manufacture beds, chairs - rocking and dining, shelves and of course their amazing fold up benches - which we now own four of!

Luis staining a new rocker
Roger, a happy man in his workshop.

The shop may be in their backyard with a large tree in the middle of it but it lacks nothing when it comes to the proper tools to get the job done. Saws, planers, routers, stains, varathane, and templates are abundant.

Orlando planing a piece of wood.
Roger carefully checks for straightness before using the wood in a new piece of furniture.

Although they do employ men to help, this is a family business. Sons, Roger Jr. and Melvin do much of the caning of the traditional rockers they produce. I was told that plastic caning is used in stead of natural products - as it withstands the elements better.

Melvin did admit to me however that they aren't really fast at it and if the chair has to be done quickly, they have a local come in to help. Depending on experience, caning of a chair can be completed in one to three hours time.

Coco, granddaugher Melissa and dog Blackie all help out in some way.
Melvin helps me with some details of their business.

While most of their products are for local use, they do export some to the USA. Many of the rocking chairs, finished beautifully with special carvings on the back, would soon be on their way to Miami.

Traditional rocker ready to go.
From the left: Luis, Juan, Roger and Orlando

Located in Barrio Guadeloupe, Roger and his crew can and will make you almost anything from wood. Special orders are taken and welcomed. It was such a pleasure to see craftsmen at work!

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