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Clay-Coloured Robin

by Anne Watcher on Monday March 3rd, 2008 at 2:22pm

One of the first birds Rob and I noticed when we arrived here at Norma's is pictured below. We commented how much it looked like our robins back home, but different in colour. Upon a little research we discovered why. It is a common bird in Central America and belongs to the same thrush family as does our robins. Main difference is the colour. This robin is brownish in colour, lighter on the breast area with a greenish-yellow bill and faintly streaked throat. It may be slightly smaller than our robin and the ones found in more humid climates tend to be darker in appearance.

The Clay-coloured Robin feeds on fruits and bugs and flocks have been known to invade a fruit tree or two. Sound familiar! It builds it's sturdy nest above ground and lays between 2-4 pale blue eggs with red-brown and gray markings during the months of March to July. Occasionally they double brood and as always are fierce protectors of their young.

In 1977 the Costa Ricans chose the clay-coloured robin also known as "yiguirro" to be their national bird. This was a tribute to it's melodious and strong song that signals the beginning of the rainy season.

Clay-coloured Robin

Breast colour in this picture is enhanced by the reflection of the watermelon it was eating.

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