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Do you know the way to San Jose?

by Anne Watcher on Thursday February 21st, 2008 at 9:35am

We finally do (even though the song is about that other SJ) and below is a picture of me there to prove it. Take the Alajuela-La Garita-Turrucares bus, get off at Alajuela bus terminal, walk up one block and get on the San Jose-Alajuela bus and 1/2 hr. later you are there. Oh that's right you're not in Costa Rica, ok well fly here first then find your way to Norma's in La Garita and then follow the above. Man I should be writing for the Amazing Race.

It really doesn't matter where we travel but I seem to get off the bus and my two essentials in life are there, fabric and food. Just around the block from the terimal was a great fabric shop and kitty-corner to that was McDonald's. Go figure!! San Jose has a more metropolis feel to it, high rises are plentiful and it bustles with activity.

Straight off the bus


Friendly staff at Mickey Dee's

Street - under construction - but love those colours

This stone sphere is located in a San Jose city park located across from the Hospital San Juan de Dios. Because of it's prominent position in the park and due to the fact that it is cemented in we are assuming this one is real.

Hospital San Juan de Dios -very large and colourful

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