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How Much Does a Jug of Water Weight

How Much Does a Jug of Water Weight

by Anne Watcher on Tuesday February 19th, 2013 at 5:54pm

One essential to living here is drinking water. There is no shortage of water, but is it safe to drink? While all the books say that the water in Leon along with Granada and Managua is treated and quite drinkable, we don't take the chance and buy filtered water by the 5 gallon jug. This year I have been using the tap water for anything that involves the water being boiled and so far no problems. But for drinking and making coffee or tea, bottled is the way we go.

In Granada we had it delivered to the door. Here in Leon however Rob is the delivery person. He has to walk through our colonia which is a good long block with various sets of stairs. Then he goes another half block to the pulperia where he purchases the water. You have to take an empty jug with you or they won't sell you a full one. Thank goodness an empty one was here when we arrived in November. The cost has varied a bit since we came. It started at C$46 and now is C$48 but we have noticed that the grocery stores sell it for C$50, so we are getting a bargain plus supporting our neighbours.

We use about a jug every 5 days when it is just Rob and I, more when we have parties or have company with us. Since we arrived 13 1/2 weeks ago I figure Rob has made this trip 24 times. With another 7 1/2 weeks to go, he only has about 10 or 11 more trips to do!!!

So how much does one of these jugs weigh??? Don't know but they are stinking heavy in 34 degree weather!!

Rob heading out with the empty jug, C$50 bill in hand.
Rob returning along our colonia, navigating the stairs and uneven sidewalk.
Home at last, only 11 more to go!

How Much Does a Jug of Water Weight

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