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Lizano Salsa

by Anne Watcher on Thursday February 14th, 2008 at 8:40pm

Natalie back home was reading the 108 flavours of chicken wings on a previous entry and noticed some with Lizano. We weren't sure what it was but when talking to her and Richard on Skype I said that the mayo that I had bought had that name on it, so thought maybe it was a brand name. Well I was kind of right. Shopping one day in Atenas, Rob and I noticed this large display for Lizano Salsa, but it didn't look like what we call salsa. So upon a little more research we discovered that it is a brown Costa Rican condiment developed by the Lizano company in 1920 and is used by some like we use ketchup. It's made up of spices and vegetables and has a slight sweetness, a bit of heat and spice.

I bought a bottle the other day and loved the smell so used it as a stir fry sauce for supper that night. Very nice!!

Lizano Salsa - Sauce

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