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Masaya Old Market

by Anne Watcher on Friday February 25th, 2011 at 12:56pm

Mention the name Masaya to anyone in Nicaragua and you will get one of two answers, the volcano or the market. Yesterday Rob and I decided to get out of "Dodge" and take the bus to Masaya Market. Now there is endless controversy on whether the old market or the new market is best, so we decided to visit the old one as we only had time for one.

The term "one stop shopping" takes on a whole new meaning here!!! Located right beside the bus depot--which is handy--the market is a bustling hive of activity from start to finish. Although it may look confusing it actually is organized into areas depending on what they are selling.

One side is dedicated to the daily selling of poultry, spices, fruits and vegetables. The sights, sounds and smells from this area are busy, loud and bold. Inside the market building, sections sell clothing, shoes, electronics of all kinds, bulk foods, you can even get your hair done or shoes fixed. As you continue along the endless aisles you come to art work, leather goods, wood products, jewelery and the famous Nicaraguan hammock!! They make the best in the world here in Nicaragua. If you are looking for that special gift to take home, look no farther, they will have it here, somewhere!

Even if you don't plan on buying anything take the time to walk through the market and take in all the bright colours, the bold designs, the smiling faces of the vendors, the playful "holas" from their children and even the smells of the market. It is a day you will not forget -- who knows you may even buy something!!!

Bus from Granada (C$9--$.40 US) lets you off here at the central bus depot. Market is just behind.

Whatever your daily needs are, you will find them here.

Live chickens, rabbits and birds along with fresh produce. See what I mean, one stop shopping!!

Endless supply of rice, beans and spices.

Every kind of souvenir imaginable.

Buy new shoes or have the old ones fixed while you wait or shop.

Need bread? Perhaps a pair of socks with it!!

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