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Plans to Leave Coming Together

by Anne Watcher on Sunday July 28th, 2013 at 7:55pm

Once again we are heading to Nicaragua, basing our stay in Leon. The house has been rented and I've been watching airline ticket prices. We haven't booked yet as we are waiting for two things to happen.

The first is not so exciting but the other is very exciting. Two weeks after we arrived home in Ontario I had some emergency surgery* and although all went well the healing process has been longer than expected. So until I get the all clear signal from the medical team, we are holding off booking a departure date.

The other reason is the anticipated arrival of our newest grandson! We want to spend a few weeks with him before we leave so the tickets will have to wait until he arrives in about 4 weeks or less!


* A barely visible sebaceous cyst in the middle of my back, became aggrivated the last week or so in Nicaragua, and grew massively a week after returning to Canada - and had to be removed. The softball sized hole, had to be filled with 6 feet of packing and so every day for over a month, we had to be at home for the nurses to come and clean up the wound and replace the packing. Then it went to every other day for quite a while and now the nurse comes twice a week. Rob took a shot the next day after the surgery with the first nurse visit - and then again today at 3 months since the surgery. We are hoping the healing will be done by the time we plan to leave in mid-September, but the nurses can't guarantee anything.

April 16'th, 2013: That's not bacon, it's 6 feet of packing being removed
July 29'th, 2013: Three months later - getting better - but still more time needed

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