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Rancho Montisel - Second Time Around

Rancho Montisel - Second Time Around

by Anne Watcher on Tuesday February 26th, 2008 at 8:44am

Lunch time at Rancho Montisel was so good the first time, we made a return trip for bean and rice soup. Not really sure if it is a soup but that's what we call it. It is extremely flavourful and is served with freshly made tortilla chips. The owner also brings over the marinated vegetables, in this case cabbage and peppers. We have noticed that each local soda has their own combination of vegetables. We have seen some with cauliflower and carrots, obviously each are unique to the restaurant. As before the dish was excellent and filling. I'm sure we will be back a few times before we come home.

Soup and Marinated Veggies

The owner doubles as waiter

The help and a helpful local

Rancho Montisel

Rancho Montisel - Second Time Around

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