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The Famous Widowmaker

by Anne Watcher on Friday February 22nd, 2008 at 10:56am

This lovely contraption graces our shower and is the only source of hot water in the cabina (unless you boil it on the stove). Essentially it is an on demanded water heater and a smart idea I think although I doubt the open wires even with electrical tape would pass CSA approval. They are found all over Central and South America.

In general the people here are shorter so unless you are a real tall lanky guy or gal - don't let the name fool you, it can be a widower maker also - you're safe. Just don't fiddle with the wiring and stand on the steel drain cover at the same time!!

It works quite well and the faster the water goes through, the cooler the shower. So a nice "water can flow" type shower is the nicest and warmest. So far, so good!

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