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Three Days to go

by Anne Watcher on Monday January 28th, 2008 at 11:19am

Just weighed my suitcase and I have 15 lbs. left and I still haven't put anything of mine in Rob's!!! My niece - who travels a lot - said to roll up our clothes and they will fit in better. I do believe she is right, things went in well.

Got some good hints from our friend Rick - who also is on the go for work - about getting around DFW airport. He told us American Airlines has it's own tram between terminals, nice hint.

Note when buying suitcases. We thought we'd be smart and get the largest and only take one each to check in. Only problem is that each one can only weight 50 lbs. That does not take long to add up with shoes, toiletries, books, etc.

You are allowed two bags at 50 lbs. each - so next time, that might be a better idea.

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