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Tradition at the Dario

by Anne Watcher on Monday February 14th, 2011 at 10:22am

Every Friday evening the Dario Hotel on Calle Calzada you can watch and listen to the tradition sounds and dance of Nicaragua. Between traditional dances feel free to get up and dance away.

Many different dances with beautiful colourful costumes were performed. Each dance and costume related to a certain district of the country. Although some of these dances are from many years ago, dance troups now perform them around the country to keep the culture alive.

the band

the bandThe open courtyard/dining room is the perfect place for watching the entertainment and enjoying a drink or late supper.

The Dario in Nicaragua

the band

Colourful costumes and beautiful smiles

Colourful costumes and beautiful smilesFor more information on the traditional dance and culture of Nicaragua go to

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