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Unnerving but Safe

by Anne Watcher on Saturday March 15th, 2008 at 10:38am

This looks worse than it was, well kind of, but we won't be repeating this experience soon if we have our way. We arrived late in Santa Cruz so couldn't go to Guaitel the first day so went to this recommended lodging from our on-line bus book. (He really goes cheap). It was a 9 x 9 room, two single beds (very clean sheets and pillows) with bathroom facilities across the yard. They were clean also and the price was right - c7000 or $14 for two.

My first thought was no way but we were tired and out of our element and this trip was about experiencing new things after all. (OK Rob this is far enough with the new!) In reality the husband was a Chiropractor and his office was the room next to ours. His family lived right there and these rooms were in the backyard. In the evening the daughters were out in the open air kitchen talking and playing with the family parrot while mom and grandma cleaned up. In the morning (6:00 am) they were all up, showered, dressed for school or work and having breakfast. That's just the way it is in some places here in Costa Rica.

Our Room

The family kitchen at night. Rob got this shot at 1:00 am because I made him get up

and escort me to the bathroom!

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