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Juan y Thelma

by Anne Watcher on Friday February 25th, 2011 at 12:45pm

Meet Juan and Thelma, our neighbours, housekeeper and handy man. They live right across the street from us and keep a close eye on things here at our Nicaraguan home. Each morning we are greeted by their friendly smiles and a cheerful "buenos dia".

Thelma is the housekeeper for the hotel's 4 homes that they rent. Juan fixes just about anything for them and anyone else who requires his services. While Juan speaks a tiny bit of English, Thelma speaks none but some how we understand each other perfectly.

Rob decided to take a nice portrait of the two of them as a thank you. Juan then wanted a picture of Rob and I, so he had to take it. He was so thrilled that Rob let him use him camera.

Juan and Thelma

so sweet

Just as Juan snapped the shot Rob, caught me by surprise - so this is what we got. Juan loved it.

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